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There are a couple of two door nineteen sixty one Chrysler Newport classic cars for sale on the old ride classic cars for sale classifieds website. These two cars are a ‘his' and ‘hers' combination and both these old classic cars are identical. Both cars are maroon on the outside and have been fitted with white leather upholstery on the inside. The title status of both vehicles is clean and the owner is asking a selling price of seventy five thousand United States dollars for each of these cars totalling one hundred and fifty dollars for both cars. Both engines have been rebuilt and the one engine has travelled eight thousand miles or twelve thousand eight hundred and eighty kilometres and the other has thirteen thousand miles or twenty thousand nine hundred and thirty kilometres on its speedometer.

The owner of both these matching nineteen sixty one Chrysler Newport classic twin cars is a dealer and both cars can be viewed and evaluated at the dealers car lot in Peoria County in the state of Illinois in the United States of America. The dealer owner's contact telephone number and email address can be viewed off the old ride trader website. These twin old classic cars are the only two matching cars of their model and make in the world. Therefore these two cars are a classic car collector's dream and they should be bought as soon as possible as they are sure to be purchased quickly. Both cars are impossible to tell apart except for the one car which has power brakes and radial tyres compared to the other car which has not got these features.

Both cars are frame off restored, have power steering, power tops, an AM radio and deluxe trunk liners. None of these two cars leaks any oil at any time whether they are parked in the garage or out on a drive. They also have no irritating squeaks or rattles on the inside or outside of the cars. This Chrysler Newport was the last of its kind to have fins on it. The interior of each car is one hundred percent original and therefore look brand new. Both collapsible tops are brand new and work perfectly. All the lights and indicators on both cars work as expected. The boot and inside of this pair of old classic cars is original and all in all both cars look brand new from every aspect. In fact these cars are as near to perfect as you can get.

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